What Is a Raspberry Pi? Here’s What can you do with it

It might be too costly or wasteful to purchase a brand-new PC or laptop to perform a specific job for us when we need an additional computer. The Raspberry Pi is a small yet capable device that can sometimes perform the job for you.

How does a Raspberry Pi work and what is it? Let's find out.

What Is a Raspberry Pi?

A Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi may have a humorous name, but after you get past all the jokes about bakeries, you'll find a powerful kit that can accomplish a lot for what you pay for. It was created by the Raspberry Pi Foundation as a way to teach people about computer science fundamentals and coding.

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The Raspberry Pi OS operating system is a special version of Debian that is included with the device. The decision to build the OS on Linux helps keep costs down and gives users a lot more control over their system, making it an excellent learning tool.

Does this imply that the Raspberry Pi is intended for children? Hardly. The device itself is the size of a credit card, but it can perform a surprising amount of work. It features the majority of the ports you'd anticipate on a computer, including USB, Ethernet, and HDMI. As a result, when you set it up, it truly does seem like you're using a desktop computer that shrank in the wash.

How Much Is a Raspberry Pi?

Raspberry Pis are designed to be as cheap as possible. For around $99, you can get a complete Raspberry Pi 400 starter kit, which includes everything you need to get started right immediately. It includes a mouse, a keyboard (with the Raspberry Pi built-in), an HDMI cable, a power cable, and a manual to help you get started.

This does mean that you may purchase the other parts individually for less if you don't want specific items from the kit. For instance, if you already own a mouse and keyboard, you may purchase the base device and the required cables for less.

Of course, the device has significant limitations due to its small size. For instance, you shouldn't expect to find a powerful i7 processor or an Nvidia GTX 3070 wedged inside of it. As a result, if you're looking for a cheap gaming rig, you won't find one here.

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The Raspberry Pi is for you, however, if you want a cheap and low-power computer to learn on or for hobby-based reasons. And you can do a lot with one.

Raspberry Pi Applications

Raspberry Pi Applications

The Raspberry Pi model may be used for some purposes, including:

  • Internet radio
  • Arcade devices
  • Media streamer
  • Tablet computer
  • Cosmic computer
  • Home automation
  • Robotics command

Types of Raspberry Pi

Types of Raspberry Pi

What Can You Do With a Raspberry Pi?

The Raspberry Pi is a handy little desktop PC that may be used for basic tasks. If your primary PC dies, do you need an emergency device you can use in a work-from-home setting? Or do you just enjoy the idea of carrying around a Linux computer that fits in your pocket? If so, the Raspberry Pi is perfectly capable.

It would be a massive injustice to refer to the Raspberry Pi as just a “small desktop computer.” It is a far better option than purchasing a whole PC or laptop because of the way it is constructed, which allows it to fit into a vast range of applications. The greatest part is that while setting up your Pi, you can learn a thing or two about how computers operate.

1. Using a Raspberry Pi as a Game Server

While the Raspberry Pi lacks the technical power to run the majority of games, it can host a server for one. That's because hosting a server doesn't require the device to render the game; it simply needs to keep track of what's happening there.

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As a result, you can run several gaming servers on a Raspberry Pi, including FreeCiv and Minecraft. You can keep the Raspberry Pi plugged in constantly without worrying about how much energy it's chewing up since it has such a low effect on your power bills.

2. Using a Raspberry Pi to Make Your Own Android TV

The Raspberry Pi is a fantastic option for a media center since it is always on. For instance, you may use a Raspberry Pi to install Android TV and watch shows on a large screen. There's no need to purchase a whole PC just to watch shows in the living room!

3. Making a Raspberry Pi Network Monitor

Want to ensure that nobody is sneaking into your network? Or are you just trying to ensure that everything is running smoothly? The Raspberry Pi may then be set up as a network monitor to keep an eye on proceedings.

4. Learn How to Program Software and Hardware

For enjoyable, hobby-based ways to use a Raspberry Pi, the preceding points are excellent. Let's not go too out of hand here, however; the Raspberry Pi is still an instructional tool after all.

You should certainly give this little device a check if you've ever wanted to write hardware or software. It may be used to program a button, set up a motion detector, or even create your own data storage cloud.

If you think these sound enjoyable, make sure to check out our picks of the top Raspberry Pi projects for beginners, which cover all of these and more. You don't need to worry about becoming a Linux superstar to start these projects since the guidelines are designed for novices.

Get Yourself a Slice of the Pi

The Raspberry Pi may be an excellent educational tool, but you'd be a fool to write it off as a simple educational toy for kids. This post has just scratched the surface of the many things you can accomplish with a Raspberry Pi. Therefore, if you're even remotely interested in what we covered, make sure to check them out and see what else you can accomplish with these handy kits.

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