The Top 10 ESP32 Projects for Smart Homes

With an ESP32 microcontroller, you can create some incredible and practical smart home projects.

A smart home is one where appliances and devices may be operated remotely from any phone or computer with an internet connection. Typically, it is built around wirelessly linked devices that are created using microcontrollers, such as an Arduino or an ESP32 board.

Making it perfect for makers and electronics enthusiasts looking to develop their smart home projects, the ESP32 microcontroller offers built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities. Let's look at some of the top ESP32-based smart home projects.

1. Smart Aquarium

smart aquarium esp32
Image Credit: Karem /YouTube

This project uses an Espressif ESP32S board to monitor the aquarium. At the press of a button on an Android app, users may schedule when the fish will be fed automatically or manually. Users may even specify the amount of food that needs to be fed. Moreover, it offers a customizable RGB lighting system that can be controlled.

Additionally, it includes a night mode in which white LED lights are turned on depending on the current light level. It can also detect the warmth of the aquarium water using a waterproof DS18B20 temperature sensor. Two programmed modes—low and high—can likewise be used to operate an oxygen pump.

Follow the tutorial in the Arduino Project Hub to build your own smart aquarium.

2. Home Security System Using ESP32-CAM and Telegram App

home security system with esp32 cam
Image Credit: make2explore Embedded Systems/YouTube

In the event of a break-in, this smart security system can identify intruders. The maker has added a PIR motion sensor and an ESP32-CAM development board to take part in security footage.

These photos may be sent to the user as an alert using the Telegram app. The project also includes a flame sensor and a gas sensor. In the case of a fire or gas leak, there is smoke, gas, and fire detection.

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3. ESP32 Based Telegram Bot

Telegram ESP32 motion detection bot
ESP32 Projects

This project is an ESP32-based Telegram bot. Particularly, anytime it senses motion, it sends notifications to your smartphone through a Telegram account.

Even if there are many security cameras on the market, you could build a security system using them for a fraction of the price. Follow the instructions outlined in Random Nerd Tutorials to create your own ESP32 Telegram bot.

4. Monocle: View & Control IP Cameras

Monocle View Control IP Cameras
Image Credit: Monocle/YouTube

Since Amazon Alexa does not support direct integration with web cameras within your network, the maker created Monocle, an online gateway service running for this purpose.

It specifically lets you view and control your cameras with pan-tilt-zoom capabilities. It also allows you to control cameras without an internet connection.

The example device built here uses a variety of microcontrollers, including the Arduino MKR1000 and Espressif ESP32S, as well as a Raspberry Pi Zero W single-board computer.

5. Alexa Voice Control Smart Home

Arduino IoT Cloud ESP32 Alexa Voice Control Smart Home
Image Credit: Tech StudyCell/YouTube

You can use the sound of your voice to control up to four appliances. Using an ESP32 and a four-channel relay module, this project operates four light bulbs. A DHT11 temperature/humidity sensor, an IR sensor, and push-button controls are also included.

It lets you control devices using Amazon Alexa or the Arduino IoT Cloud dashboard. The maker claims that this construction does not even need an Alexa device. Instead, they've opted for a free version of Arduino IoT Cloud.

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6. Barista Robot

caffeine robot esp32
Image Credit: veilkrand/YouTube

This barista robot is powered by an ESP32 and an Arduino Nano R3! It makes the kind of high-end artisanal coffee that you’d expect from the hand-pouring techniques of a skilled barista.

Customize its three brewing stations with various recipes through a web app and personalize each brew. There are a few parameters that can be set, such as brewing time, resting time, how much water to use, and the pattern used during hand-pouring.

7. The Complete Smart Home

The Complete Smart Home

With this complete smart home project, you can turn on and off your ceiling fans and lights. According to the maker, up to 16 loads may be turned on or off using Android, iOS, Windows, or other web-based devices.

Construct your own complete smart home by completing the instructions on Instructables, which are referenced above.

8. Smart Arduino Energy Monitor

smart esp32 energy monitor
Image Credit: MCMCHRIS/YouTube

Monitor your energy usage with this DIY smart energy monitor made with an ESP32, a Raspberry Pi, and Home Assistant home automation software.

It essentially measures current and voltage samples using sensors in your power infrastructure. Using a Raspberry Pi and Home Assistant, this data is then delivered to a local server. Make your own smart Arduino energy monitor by following the entire step-by-step tutorial on Instructables.

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9. IoT Smart Wallet


It's a smart wallet for tracking the value of your cryptocurrencies or stocks, built using an ESP32 and 3D-printed enclosure!

It just pulls values from a Google spreadsheet onto the ESP32 and displays them on an OLED display. There is also a built-in clock that is synchronized with the internet, as well as a step pedometer.

Create your own IoT smart wallet to manage all of your cryptocurrencies and assets.

10. Door Bell Set for Home Assistant

Door Bell Set for Home Assistant

This is not your typical doorbell; it is a smart doorbell that uses a visual alert in place of sound. To avoid having to remove his noise-canceling headphones during video conferences to check whether the doorbell is ringing, the maker created them since it is more suited to his work setting.

When the doorbell button is pushed, it blinks and receives different visual signals depending on the notice. The project is made using an ESP8266 ESP-01, an ESP32-CAM, and a Neopixel LED ring.

Which Smart Home Project Is Right for You?

In this post, we take a look at smart home projects made with an ESP32 microcontroller. Some of these projects also make use of other elements, such as an Arduino development board. Nonetheless, they have all kept their prices low, making them available to a wider community.

Be sure to check out the Espressif IoT Development Framework work documentation for ESP32 if you haven't already.

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