How to Reset Huidu Controller Password in 10 Steps

Greetings, everyone, and welcome to my blog. In this post, we learn about how to reset Huidu controller password.

When we buy the display from a source that has a default password set. Either the company or the place where you bought it set this password.

Before opening the Led Art app, we can first open the wifi, we see an available Wi-Fi network. We selected WF-1e8B162c5807.

After that, we enter the password, i.e., 88888888. This is the default password that is set by the company.

If the password is matched, then it is correct; if it is not matched, that means there is some error in it.

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Steps Reset Huidu Controller Password:

So we can reset the password by following the below steps:

Step 1: Open the back panel of the display. As we see, there is a power supply, three modules, and a card connected to this panel. Here we can only reset the WF-1, which comes with the RGB controller.

Huidu Controller

Step 2: On the WF-1 controller, there is a button named “Test Button“.

Test Button to Reset Huidu Controller

Step 3: Cut off the power to turn off the glowing LED on the controller.

Step 4: Press and hold the test button and turn on the power.

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Press and hold the test button

Step 5: Wait for 20 seconds, and you will see that the LED will blink faster.

Step 6: Leave the test button after you see the led blinking faster.

Step 7: After this, your display will show these dotted lines.

Step 8: First, connect your wifi. The Wi-Fi name shown on the screen is WF-1e8B162c5807. After that, enter the default password, i.e., 88888888. Now go to the mobile app.

connect your wifi

Step 9: Feed the text and then press the send button, which is given at the top right of the screen. But before sending, go to LedArt app settings and add a device to the mobile app.

LedArt app

Step 10: Select the device and then send it. Now you can see that your display is ready.

display is ready

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