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Practical IoT Hacking by Fotios Chantzis

Practical IoT Hacking: The Definitive Guide to Attacking the Internet of Things PDF

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Practical IoT Hacking is a quick-start conceptual guide on testing and exploiting IoT systems and devices, written by top-tier security specialists.

Practical IoT Hacking teaches you how to test IoT systems, devices, and protocols to reduce risk by drawing from the real-life exploits of five highly regarded IoT security experts.

Walking you through common threats and a threat modeling methodology is how the book starts. You’ll learn the value of passive surveillance, develop a security testing methodology, and evaluate security across all IoT system layers. The following tasks include VLAN hopping, MQTT authentication cracking, UPnP misuse, the development of a mDNS poisoner, and WS-Discovery assaults.

With an in-depth discussion of attacks against embedded IoT devices and RFID systems, you’ll tackle hardware and radio hacking.

You’ll also learn how to:

  • Write a DICOM service scanner as an NSE module.
  • Hack a microcontroller through the UART and SWD interfaces.
  • Reverse engineer firmware and analyze mobile companion apps.
  • Develop an NFC fuzzer using Proxmark3.
  • Hack a smart home by jamming wireless alarms, playing back IP camera feeds, and controlling a smart treadmill.

You can quickly practice what you learn since the tools and devices you’ll need are inexpensive and readily accessible. You’ll find Practical IoT Hacking vital in your attempts to hack anything, whether you’re a security researcher, IT team member, or hacking enthusiast.

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There are no two people who share the same experiences or backgrounds. However, since IoT devices combine computational power and connection in every aspect of our society, studying them requires skills spanning almost every subject of knowledge. Each person's favorite passages in this book are impossible to predict. However, we think that having this information accessible to a large portion of the population will give them the power to exert more influence over the increasingly digital environment they live in. ” Practical IoT Hacking “.

Practical IoT Hacking pdf

Although we expect that it will be useful to others as well, such as the following people, this book was initially written for hackers (sometimes called security researchers).

  • A security researcher might use this book as a reference for experimenting with an IoT ecosystem’s unfamiliar protocols, data structures, components, and concepts.
  • An enterprise sysadmin or network engineer might learn how to better protect their environment and their organization’s assets.
  • A product manager for an IoT device might discover new requirements their customers will assume are already present and build them in, reducing cost and the time it takes the product to reach the market.
  • A security assessor might discover a new set of skills to better serve their clients.
  • A curious student might find knowledge that will catapult them into a rewarding career protecting people.

This book was written with the assumption that the reader is already somewhat acquainted with Linux command line fundamentals, TCP/IP networking ideas, and coding.

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