Pixel LED Controller Circuit Board: How to Make at Home

I'll tell you how to make a pixel LED controller circuit board at home for a low cost in this post. If you want to make a pixel-led controller circuit but don't know how to make it, read this post and learn how.

Components Required

Steps to Make a Pixel LED Controller Circuit Board

Step 1: Put all of the components mentioned in the previous step on the breadboard PCB. I've included a picture of the components inserted into the breadboard PCB. Simply scroll down to see that picture.

Homemade Pixel LED Controller

Step 2: All of the component's legs must be soldered to the layer underneath. I've added the soldered circuit in the block below for better understanding. See this and replicate it in your project.

Pixel led controller circuit

Step 3: Connect the components according to the circuit diagram. I have attached two images where you will see the circuit diagram of the Pixel LED Controller circuit in one picture. And in another picture, you will see how the Pixel LED controller circuit looks after connecting all the components.

Circuit diagram of Pixel LED Controller
Circuit diagram of Pixel LED Controller
Pixel LED controller circuit connection
Pixel LED controller circuit connection

Step 4: Now you have to upload the pixel LED control code on the ATtiny85 IC through the Arduino Uno board. I have explained how to upload code to the ATtiny85 IC. And you will find the Pixel LED controller Arduino code below this block. Just copy the below code and upload it to your Attiny85 IC.

Before uploading the below code to the ATtiny85 IC, you have to install two library files: one is FastLED, and the other is Adafruit Neopixel.

Download Pixel LED Controller Arduino code: “Click here“.

Step 5: Now you have to remove the ATtiny IC from the ATtiny IC Shield and insert the ATtiny85 IC into the Pixel LED controller circuit's 8-pin IC base according to the IC number. Make sure to check the IC pin number before inserting the ATtiny IC into the IC base. I have attached the ATtiny IC, inserting an image in the below block.

ATtiny85 IC

Step 6: Now you have to connect the Pixel LED and the power supply to the Pixel LED controller circuit. In the below image, I have shown you how you have to connect the pixel and the power supply with this pixel LED controller circuit.

Home Made LED controller circuit connection

Now you can run your pixel LED with this homemade pixel LED controller circuit. If you have any questions or queries about this pixel LED controller circuit, just comment down below.

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