Neon Play Software Download for LED Animation

Neon Play Software was designed in Shenzhen by a local company and is helping the designer create fantastic color animation.

The Neon Play software is necessary for lighting designers in creating neon or LED animation that is suitable for corporate or personal usage and easy for anybody to use. The software can create lighting animation effects that are almost photorealistic for your customers, and the stunning lighting effects will draw them in and help you undertake a lighting engineering or LED project.

Supports the production of AVI video or TOL format animation files. And your customer does not need to install any plugins to play your lighting animation.

Neon Play Software

The file types produced by Neon Play software include .exe, .avi, .ctl, .tol, etc. These format files are extremely small so they may be provided to customers online, and your customers do not need to install any plug-ins for play.exe animation files. Powerful features and a customizable interface characterize the software. It benefits from being simple to use, easy to operate, and having professional qualities.

Neon Play Software

The software supports all the neon and LED lighting animation effects! For example:

  • Beautiful building lighting animation effects
  • Pixel LED thoranam effects
  • Landscape lighting animation effects
  • Road ceiling decoration design effects
  • bridge lighting animation effects
  • LED screen effects
  • Street Light ceiling Design effects
  • Palm tree lights effects
  • LED wall wash lights effects
  • Spotlights effects
  • LED channel letter effects
  • LED wall lamp effects
  • Downlight spotlights effects
  • Luminous characters effects
  • LED digital tube effects
Neon Play Software

The software can also export SD data to an LED controller, and it supports the following LED chip types:

Ucs512, Ucs6909, Ucs6912, Ucs1903, Ucs1909, Ucs1912, Ucs2903, Ucs3903, Ucs3909, Ucs2912, Ucs3912, Ucs8904, Tm1803, Tm1804, Tm1809, Tm1812, Tm1826, Tm1829, Tm1926, Ws2803, Ws2801, Ws2811, Ws2812, Sm16715, Sm16716, Sm16726, P9813, P9816, Apa102, Apa103, Apa104, Lpd6803, Lpd8803, Lpd8806, Lpd1882, Lpd1883, Lpd1886, Lpd1889, Bs0901, Bs0902, Tls3100, Tls3001, Tls3002, Tls3003, Tls3005, 6803, 5903, 6909, 6912, 74hc595, Hl1609, Mbi5026, 6b595, Zq9712, My9231, Lx1203, Sk6812, D705, Dm13c, Dm134, Dm413, Dmx512series, Dmx512ap, 595, 134, 13c, 502x, High Power Led Control, 1609, etc.

Pixel LED Effects Download Pack: 7000 Effects

  • Files: 7000+
  • Size: 23 GB
  • Formats: SWF, TOL, AVI, MP4, and GIF

Neon Play Software Parameter:

  • Software type: Lighting and Animation Design
  • Individual Industry: Lighting and Illumination
  • Languages: English, Chinese
  • Support system: Windows system
  • File types: *.avi, .exe, .ctl, .tol file
  • Validity period: lifelong

The software is divided into two parts: a lighting design program and a grid design program.

The principle of maker animation: a grid control file is used to control a graph element, and the control file is a grid file (like the program of an LED controller).

grid file can add a rich and colorful animation effect to graphics. For example: Create a grid effect and a line graphic (the line graphic looks like a neon flex or a light-emitting diode). Then the grid and the graphic have a one-to-one relationship. The following are the parameters of the software.

Neon Play Colour file downloads

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