LEDEdit 2023 Software Download and How to Install

LEDEdit is one of the best software programs for programming pixel LED strings and strips. Download the most recent LEDEdit 2023 software version It is “LEDEdit 2023 V9.4“; continue programming the pixel LEDs.

This software is a Xinboled product, as you know. This is the only version of the LEDEdit software series that is still in use. In this version, many new features have been added to the software interface.

New versions of pixel LED are supported by this software. If you have an older version of the pixel LED controller, you can find download links for older LEDEdit versions further down in this article.

Pixel LED Effects Download Pack: 7000 Effects

  • Files: 7000+
  • Size: 23 GB
  • Formats: SWF, TOL, AVI, MP4, and GIF

Supported Pixel LED Controller Types

LEDEdit 2023 V9.1 Controller Types
LEDEdit 2023 V9.1 Controller Types

LEDEdit 2023 v9.1 Features:

  • Add MT1865B, MT16703, TX1816, HW1002, T-730, and S-8000L.
  • Fix the bug that when the S-8000L selects RGBW as the effect, the effect will not play normally after the console is reversed.
  • Fix the problem that the game cannot be played normally when HW1002 is selected.
  • The functions of writing code and writing parameters for UCS512K are added.
  • Updated the new parameter writing method of GS8516.
  • Change the controller's encrypted data format to a file in .bin format.
  • Completed the content of setting the Madrix chip.
  • Fixed the bug that the address was messed up when writing complex codes.
  • Added the function of S-8000L supporting lamps with different channel sequences.
  • Fixed the problem that an error would be reported when selecting 5-color lamps for the effect.
  • Added online smart coding and test address functions.
  • Added the function of writing code and writing parameters for GS8516 and SM1952X.
  • Fixed the problem that the controller could not correctly recognize the effect of the SD card when K-8000-RGBWYA was selected.

How to Install LEDEdit 2023 V9.1

Download LEDEdit 2022 from the link at the bottom of this page.

Right-click the compressed package, unzip the file “LEDEdit_2022_v8.7.rar“; and generate a software folder

Double-click on the “LEDEdit_2022_V8.7_setup.exe” setup file.

Click on “Yes” when asked for permission.

Setup permission window
LEDEdit 2022 Setup permission window

Click on “Next” in the first setup window.

Setup Welcome Window - LEDEdit 2023
Setup Welcome Window

Click on “Browse” and select an installation path. If you want to install the LEDEdit 2022 in a different location, then press the “Next” button.

Setup Installation Location - LEDEdit 2023
Setup Installation Location

Click on “Next” in the next window.

Setup Selecting Start Menu location - LEDEdit 2023
Setup Selecting Start Menu location

Check the boxes if you want to create shortcuts. Click on “Next“.

Creating Shortcuts - LEDEdit 2023
Creating Shortcuts

Check the previous settings and click “Install“.

Setup Summary
Setup Summary

Software installation: Please wait for the progress bar to complete.

the progress bar
The progress bar

Once installed, click “Finish“.

Setup finish window
Setup finish window

If the permissions window shown above appears, Check the boxes as you wish and click on “Allow Access“. This permission will be used to update LEDEdit software and network control. It's your choice.

Allow access
Allow access

When the LEDEdit software starts, this pop-up dialogue will appear. It asks you, “Do you wish to update?” To update, click on the right side button; to cancel, click on the left side button. If you choose not to update LEDEdit, version 8.7 will be installed on your system.

update pop-up window - LEDEdit 2023
update pop-up window

To start the new updated version of the LEDEdit software, click “Yes“.

LEDEdit 2023 Software installation
Software installation
LEDEdit 2023 Update completed
Update completed

Tutorial on YouTube

Download LEDEdit 2023 Software

  • LEDEdit 2022 V8.7
  • LEDEdit 2023 V9.1
  • LEDEdit 2023 V9.4
    • Added encryption for XB-809 when the controller is powered on and encrypted.
    • Fixed known bugs.
    • Fixed the bug of exporting .xbin file in English interface.
    • Add md5 check function when exporting .xbin files.
    • Add T-760 option.

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