How to Install MPlayer on Raspberry Pi (Easy Guide)

MPlayer is a free, open-source media player. It can play a wide variety of multimedia files in a variety of formats, including MPEG, AVI, WMV, and many more. For video filters, plugins, skins, and subtitle files, it offers outstanding support. Additionally, it may stream music and videos from well-known websites like Daily Motion and YouTube. Install MPlayer on a Raspberry Pi by following this tutorial.

Install MPlayer On Raspberry Pi

The following steps will do the job for you to install MPlayer on your Raspberry Pi:

1- Verify first that all of the programs on your system are up-to-date and properly updated. The command listed below can help you ensure this.

$ sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade

2- With the help of this command, you can now start the MPlayer installation on your system.

$ sudo apt install mplayer-gui -y
MPlayer installation on your system

Run MPlayer On Raspberry Pi

After the installation is complete, you may start MPlayer by heading to your Raspberry Pi system's program menu, selecting “Sound & Video“, and then clicking “MPlayer” to run the program.

Run MPlayer On Raspberry Pi

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Install MPlayer on Raspberry Pi

Select an audio or video file to play from Here.

To start opening the desired file, only click “Open“.

How to Play Video from Terminal on Raspberry Pi

From here choose your desired file.

How can I build mplayer for the Pi?

After that, MPlayer will start playing the file.

To view the video, choose “Preferences” from the menu when you right-click on the player option.

How do I run MPlayer on my Raspberry Pi?

From the “Video” tab, choose “OpenGL no software rendering” and click “OK“.

MPlayer raspberry pi

This will stream the video to the desktop of your Raspberry Pi.

How to use the MPlayer command line?

Note: Using “mplayer-gui“, you may also run the MPlayer program from the terminal. You must connect speakers or headphones to the Raspberry Pi device to listen to the sound.

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How to Remove MPlayer From Raspberry Pi

With the help of the following command, MPlayer may be easily removed from the Raspberry Pi:

$ sudo apt remove mplayer-gui -y
How to Remove MPlayer


When using your Raspberry Pi to watch or listen to audio or video files, MPlayer is a fantastic application to use. It is simple to install from the Raspberry Pi repository and may be launched through the “Source & Video” option in the Application menu. After that, you may play audio and video files on your Raspberry Pi desktop by navigating to them. You must modify the video settings from the “Preferences” menu to view the video, however.

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