How to Program T8000 Controller in 8 Steps

The T-8000 is the boss of the T-Series offline pixel LED controllers. There are four main T-8000 series controllers, namely T-8000, T-8000AC, T-8000C, and T-8000A-TTL. Keep in mind that the same model has different versions because every controller gets updated all the time. This controller is more expensive than the T-1000 series controllers, but it has some improved features. In this tutorial, We learn about how to program T8000 controller in 8 steps.

Steps Program T8000 Controller:

Step 1: Open the LEDEdit 2014 software, go to “File“, and click on “New Project“.

How to program and connect pixel led to t8000 controller

Step 2: After that, select the controller name, “T-8000“. If you did not find the controller name, then click on “Select Controller” and select the controller name T-8000-WS2811. Then click on “Add to“. We see that the “T-8000-WS2811” controller name has been added to the list. Then click on “OK“.

t8000 Programing

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T8000 controller connection

Step 3: After that, we go to the light layout. The next screen is open, and here we enter the details as shown below. One thing we keep in mind is that the number of LEDs you have on one port is the same as the number we will mention there. If we select a larger number of LEDs, then the design will not run properly. Then click on OK.

T-8000 T-8000AC T-8000C T-8000A-TTL Pixel LED Tutorial

Step 4: On the next screen, we see the four different types of color. You can select your own color for each port by clicking on the layout option. After that, select accordingly.

T8000 Pixel Control Software Programmable LED Controller

Step 5: Then go to “Video Effect” and click on “Open Video“. After that, select the file according to your needs. We see that effect in running half. For this, what we have to do is double-click on it, then move upward and slide it. Then we record it by clicking on the “record option“.

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Step 6: If you want to record another effect, first of all, stop the previous recording, then go to video effects, click on “Open Video“, and then select the program according to your preferences. Then click on “Record” and record it. After that, click on the “green button“, i.e., “Close Record“. After that, click on the “blue button“, i.e., the “Close Video Effect“.

T8000 led controller manual

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Download Free Pixel Program For T8000 Controller
led edit software free download for pc
how to use led edit 2014 software

Step 7: Then go to “Export(O)” and click on open “Export Effect(.led)“. then press “OK“. After that, save the file where you want to save it. We see that the program folder is created where you save the file. Open that folder.

How to use lededit 2014 software windows 7

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How to use lededit 2014 software windows 10

Step 8: Now we insert the SD card and copy that file to it. Before copying the file to the SD card, first, delete the program that is already on it. After that, send the file to the SD card that we inserted. After that, we run this on the board.

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